5 Tips for Staying Hydrated this Summer

hydration for immune health

During the pandemic, most people are paying attention to their health and well-being more than ever in order not to get sick. One of the best ways to prevent getting an illness is to boost your immune system—and in order to do this, you want to make sure you have all the proper nutrients that your body needs. Nutrients can be absorbed through food, but water is also an essential function to help us maintain a healthy immune system.

Water is an essential building material to every cell in our body. Water regulates our body temperatures and keeps us from overheating. Water transports our food into our bloodstream. Water helps remove waste from urination. Water also keeps our joints lubricated. Not to mention, our body is made of 60% water—and the brain and heart consists of a whopping 73% water!

During these hot summer months, we need to make sure we get enough water to keep our cognitive and physical functions alive. Here are 5 tips to help you remember to drink your water:

1. Set an alarm to drink water every hour.

2. Mark your water bottle to keep track of how much you've drank throughout the day. Keep the water bottle near your desk.

3. Many people have alcohol with meals; drink water instead.

4. Add some flavor to your water, whether making your own with a fruit infuser or by buying flavored water to keep around the house.

5. Combine water drinking with another habit. For instance, drink some every time you get up to go to the bathroom throughout the day.

Have you heard of IV hydration therapy? IV hydration infusions are a way to get the nutrients and water you need into your bloodstream to replenish you as soon as possible. Many athletes use it for post-competition hydration, and even some IV hydration bars are popping up all over the country for a way to cure hangovers.

Request a free consultation from our office to see if IV hydration is a good solution to help keep YOU hydrated and healthy this summer.

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