8 Symptoms That Mean You Have Anxiety

8 Symptoms That Mean You Have Anxiety

You might think of anxiety as primarily about negative emotions of stress, concern, and worry. Those emotions can be a challenge. But anxiety can present in other ways, as well, damaging your quality of life and keeping you from living each day to the fullest.

At Iconic Infusions, PLLC, our care team, under the expert leadership of Dr. Bryant S. Edwards, provides effective treatment for mental health conditions like anxiety using intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy.

If you live in the Briarwood Hills area of Fayetteville, North Carolina, or the surrounding area, and have any of these symptoms of anxiety, get in touch with Dr. Edwards to learn more about how the Iconic Infusions team can help you.

1. Intense, persistent worry

People living with anxiety may feel like they always need to be alert, worrying about all the things in life that could go wrong. Constant or frequent worry distracts you from personal and professional activities and puts you through intense stress.

2. Fear of everyday situations

If you have anxiety, everyday activities and situations like shopping, working, going to school, or going to the doctor become difficult due to emotions of fear. You might struggle to stay on top of your life if you suffer from anxiety.

3. Sleeplessness

Anxiety can leave you tossing and turning all night, worrying about the future or feeling bad about the past. Insomnia often affects people who have anxiety disorders.

4. Restlessness

During the daytime hours as well, anxiety can prevent you from finding rest. You might feel nervous, or struggle to focus on an activity for a sustained amount of time. Restlessness impairs your ability to focus and also keeps your body and brain under stress.

5. Increased heart rate

The emotional stresses of anxiety can cause physical symptoms that impact your health. Many people with anxiety experience an increased heart rate, a physical expression of emotional stress. You might also notice yourself developing sweaty palms as your body engages fight-or-flight responses to your mental health symptoms.

6. Gastrointestinal problems

When you live with a lot of stress, your digestion, eating, and gastrointestinal system also suffers. Anxiety can result in indigestion, eating disorders, and stomachaches. By relieving your mental health symptoms, you can support and regulate your digestion.

7. Trembling, weakness, and exhaustion

Anxiety sometimes makes you feel shaky! It’s not just a figure of speech. You might notice tremors in your hands, or feel dragged down by persistent weakness or tiredness, if you’re struggling with anxiety.

8. Chronic pain and headaches

Tension from anxiety often results in headaches and other chronic body pain. You might hold tension in your muscles, causing aches and pains. Finding mental and emotional relaxation makes it easier to relax your body and minimize pain.

With IV ketamine therapy, Dr. Edwards and the Iconic Infusions team can help you resolve your persistent anxiety, relieving your symptoms. A series of IV ketamine infusions retrains your brain, creating new neural pathways for lessened anxiety.

IV ketamine doesn’t produce side effects like other prescription anxiety medications. If needed, Dr. Bryant can refer you to other experts, completely addressing the negative impacts of anxiety on your life.

To learn more about how you can free yourself from anxiety and mental health symptoms, get in touch with Iconic Infusions, PLLC today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment online, or call 910-920-3434 now to book.

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