Anxiety and Depression: A Chicken-or-the-Egg Story

Chicken or egg

In medicine, specifically in psychiatry, when a person experiences two or more disorders at the same time, those disorders are considered co-morbid. In mental health, the most common instance of comorbidity is anxiety and depression.

It is believed that half of all people who suffer from the characteristic depression symptoms of sadness, hopelessness, and fatigue also experience heightened levels of anxiety. While it is not known for certain why depression and anxiety are so often paired together, there are some theories.

One theory is that depression and anxiety have similar biological mechanisms, with related pathways in the brain and neurochemicals that can trigger negative emotional states. Another theory is that there are so many overlapping symptoms to both depression and anxiety, that frequently people meet the criteria for both diagnoses. Additionally, these conditions can present themselves simultaneously if a person is triggered by some type of stressor.

Being both anxious and depressed can pose major challenges to those suffering. Clinicians have found that, when these disorders occur together, the symptoms can be more severe compared to when they occur alone. The symptoms associated with depression can also take longer to resolve, making the disorder more resistant to treatment. It will be very important for a therapist treating a patient suffering from both disorders to determine where one disorder ends and the other begins.

Sometimes a little "treatment creativity" is necessary, with options including lifestyle changes, counseling, and/or the use of antidepressants or ketamine. Ketamine infusions are highly viable treatment options for those suffering from both depression and anxiety. Effective in up to 70% of patients, ketamine works rapidly to alleviate the symptoms of both psychiatric disorders, enabling even those with the most stubborn cases of depression and anxiety to reclaim their lives.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or both, our ketamine clinic may be able to help you. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation. We are here to answer any questions you may have about ketamine for depression and anxiety.

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