Boost Your Immunity With IV Vitamin Infusions

Your body gets essential vitamins and nutrients from sources, including the food you eat. Even sunlight can provide needed vitamin D. Vitamins and nutrients fuel all the systems of your body, including your immune system.

Now, more than ever, having a strong immune system that can fight off contagious diseases is an important part of maintaining your health. The quickest way to boost your vitamin intake, instead of a food or oral supplement, might be intravenous (IV) infusion therapy.

Board-certified anesthesiologist Bryant Edwards, DO and his care team at Iconic Infusions, PLLC of Fayetteville, North Carolina provide a full range of nutritional IV therapy options to new and existing patients. Whether you need to recover fast from a hangover or an intense period of stress, or want to take extra steps to support your immune system this spring, IV infusion therapy can help. Here’s how it works.

Fast results from IV therapy

With IV treatment, you can get essential vitamins and nutrients delivered directly to your bloodstream. Oral supplements, and even the healthiest foods, take hours to work their way through your digestive system — and, even then, some amount of nutrients are lost without being absorbed.

IV infusion therapy gets you the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you need now, without the wait, and without the loss. After your provider at Iconic Infusions places your IV catheter, you can rest in comfort while your body fully absorbs your selected cocktail of vitamins and nutrients. A session takes less than an hour, and you can start to experience long-lasting benefits right away.

Unique treatment cocktails

The team at Iconic Infusions offer a variety of IV infusion cocktails to support all our patients’ health and wellness needs. Whether you have underlying health issues, or known demands on your immune system, we can recommend the right treatment option for you.

You could potentially benefit from any of our menu of nutritional IV infusion cocktails, including our speciality immunity IV infusion. This IV infusion treatment option provides you with the fast-acting vitamin C, ascorbic acid, zinc chloride, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 you need to stay healthy throughout the springtime season.

Every one of our infusion therapies uses pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and nutrients provided by the certified 503B Olympia Compounding Pharmacy, so you can trust the purity and validity of your vitamin infusion treatment.

To make sure you get the right infusion cocktail for your treatment needs, our team reviews your medical history and any symptoms you may have. We monitor you during your treatment session to ensure your safety.

To schedule an IV vitamin infusion session, get in touch with Iconic Infusions now. We can also help you set up a schedule for regular infusions. Call today or use the online tool to book your appointment.

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