Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Regular Vitamin Therapy Sessions

Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Regular Vitamin Therapy Sessions

Every part of your body needs vitamins and nutrients for maximum health and wellness, from your bloodstream to the ends of your hair. Vitamin supplementation can help you improve your immune system, complexion, hair growth, and energy levels. And the benefits of a full complement of vitamins also safeguard your lifelong health.

You take in vitamins and nutrients in your food, but not everyone gets all the vitamins they need from dietary sources. At Iconic Infusions, PLLC, Dr. Bryant S. Edwards and his team specialize in intravenous (IV) treatments that effectively boost your vitamin and nutrient levels.

Dr. Edwards offers IV vitamin therapy on a custom basis from his clinic in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Dr. Edwards is a board-certified anesthesiologist who deeply understands whole-body health and wellness.

The benefits of vitamin therapy

Insufficient levels of vitamins and nutrients can negatively affect your body, health, and daily life experience in many ways. Dr. Edwards looks at your symptoms, health history, and lifestyle to understand your vitamin therapy needs. Your vitamin therapy treatment at Iconic Infusions is completely customized, giving you the unique support you need.

What are your vitamin supplementation needs? Dr. Edwards offers infusion cocktails to help with issues like dehydration, fatigue, and even the effects of a menstrual cycle. Many of Dr. Edwards’ patients are also interested in improved athletic performance and physical conditioning, which vitamin therapy can boost and support!

Tailoring your vitamin treatment

It’s easy for your provider at Iconic Infusions, PLLC, to customize your infusion cocktail for your vitamin, mineral, and nutrient support needs. We offer a few base options and can tailor your treatment. Our IV infusion treatment options include the following:

Your provider may also suggest adding vitamin B12, zinc chloride, ascorbic acid and vitamin C, oxygen therapy, magnesium sulfate, the antioxidant L-glutathione, or the coenzyme NAD+ to your vitamin therapy infusion cocktail.

Reasons to choose IV vitamin therapy

You could take oral vitamin supplements, but IV vitamin therapy improves over oral supplementation in several dimensions. For one thing, IV nutrients go right into your bloodstream, so you don’t have to leave time for digestion to process oral supplements. You also don’t lose vitamin supplementation during digestion when you use IV delivery.

Your provider at Iconic Infusions, PLLC, monitors your condition throughout your IV infusion treatment. You relax in comfort after your provider inserts your small IV needle, connected to a bag containing your personalized vitamin and nutrient infusion solution. IV infusion isn’t painful, and most patients tolerate treatment well.

If you have concerns about needles, talk to Dr. Edwards about the accommodations available.

To learn more about how you could improve your health and wellness with IV vitamin therapy, schedule your initial consultation at Iconic Infusions, PLLC, online or over the phone today.

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