How Safe is IV Ketamine Therapy?

How Safe is IV Ketamine Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy shows real promise as an effective treatment option for mental health conditions like chronic pain and treatment-resistant depression. If medication management, therapy, and lifestyle changes haven’t done enough to relieve your symptoms of anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, you may be able to benefit from IV ketamine treatment.

You might have concerns about the safety of this series of treatments with dissociative anesthetic medication, but you should know that, with the right expert medical supervision, IV ketamine therapy can be safe and nonaddictive, as well as lastingly effective.

At Iconic Infusions, PLLC, Dr. Bryant S. Edwards and his team of ketamine infusion experts ensure that all their patients receive safe treatment from their location in Briarwood Hills, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Here’s what Dr. Edwards wants his new and existing patients to understand about the safety and efficacy of IV ketamine therapy for depression.

Controlled doses of ketamine

Ketamine has been used in medicine for many years as a surgical anesthetic. You may also be aware that ketamine can be used as a party drug, sometimes known as “K.”

The same dissociative effects of ketamine that make it an effective anesthetic can be used to address physical and psychological complaints. The size of the dosage is the key difference when it comes to therapeutic IV ketamine.

Small, medically monitored doses allow you to detach from painful physical and mental health symptoms. Ketamine infusion therapy has been shown to provide lasting results for patients with treatment-resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other conditions.

How do we keep you safe with IV ketamine therapy? IV ketamine treatment uses a small dose of ketamine each time, so you won’t risk addiction. Additionally, your infusion treatments are spaced out and supervised by a medical professional, unlike doses used when this drug is abused in non-medical settings.

In clinical studies, ketamine infusion treatment was well-tolerated by a majority of recipients, with less than 5% of patients ceasing treatment due to tolerability issues. Infusion treatments typically aren’t painful, with only minimal risks related to needle-site bruising, swelling, tenderness, or similar.

Professionally supported infusion treatment

Dr. Edwards and his team provide a warm and welcoming environment for patients receiving therapeutic IV ketamine. Ketamine can affect your sensory experience, so we take care to keep our medspa-style treatment facility calming and centering.

During your infusion session, you rest in comfort in a room in our clinic while your provider drips a safe, steady dose of ketamine into your bloodstream using an IV needle and bag. We use essential oil diffusers, soft music, relaxing lighting, herbal tea blends, and plenty of blankets and pillows to provide the most relaxing session possible.

To ensure your comfort and safety, we use state-of-the-art patient-monitoring equipment during your infusion treatment session. Iconic Infusions PLLC also uses top-line equipment to reduce risk of medication errors or patient privacy loss.

To learn more about safe and effective IV ketamine infusion therapy, contact Dr. Edwards and the team at Iconic Infusions, PLLC today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone now, or request an appointment online.

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