How to Cope with Social Anxiety

How to Cope with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can keep you trapped, preventing you from engaging with the world, new experiences, and new people the way you want. The effects of social anxiety may be detrimental to your personal life and professional success.

You don’t have to give up your hopes and ambitions due to social anxiety. Dr. Bryant S. Edwards at the experienced, compassionate care team at Iconic Infusions, PLLF, of Briarwood Hills, Fayetteville, North Carolina can help you cope with social anxiety.

In addition to therapy and other forms of counseling support, you may be able to benefit from intravenous (IV) ketamine therapy to resolve your anxiety for the long term. Here’s what you need to know.

Coping with social anxiety

If you have a mental health disorder related to anxiety, it’s difficult or even impossible for you to relax. Feelings of fear and worry seem to pursue you everywhere. You could also experience physical symptoms, such as an increased heart rate, trembling, sweats, and gastrointestinal problems, related to your anxiety.

People with social anxiety struggle especially with activities that involve other people, like meetings or parties. This can make it challenging to live a full and satisfying life.

You may be able to address your anxiety disorder through therapy or medication management. Counseling techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) may help you reinterpret your experiences and emotions, finding stability and strength.

However, for some people with long-term anxiety, talk therapy doesn’t do enough to mitigate symptoms and improve quality of life. You need a different form of treatment. At Iconic Infusions, PLLC, our team uses a multidisciplinary approach to totally support your mental health and wellness.

Treating your social anxiety

IV ketamine therapy can reset your anxiety levels, freeing you from persistent feelings of fear, doubt, suspicion, or paranoia.

Ketamine is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders. Your infusion therapy at Iconic Infusions, PLLC, uses medical doses of ketamine to bypass your digestive system and give you the full mental health benefits of ketamine treatment.

You receive your infusion treatments in a therapeutic environment that totally supports your mental and emotional wellness. We also offer benzodiazepines at no additional charge for patients who are nervous about the infusion process or afraid of needles.

After a series of IV ketamine infusion treatments, you can minimize your feelings of anxiety and reliance on other forms of coping support. You won’t believe how good it feels to be anxiety-free!

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