IV Vitamin Therapy: the Connection Between Hydration & Depression

If you get headaches, feel fatigued or even depressed, or have difficulty concentrating, you may actually be dehydrated.

Our bodies react to dehydration just like we do any other physical or biological abnormality: adversely. Thankfully, dehydration is quite simple to prevent. Therefore—unless you suffer from congestive heart failure, or have certain kinds of kidney diseases—you could probably benefit from drinking more water each day—6-8 8oz. glasses are recommended daily.

Spotting a severely dehydrated person is quite easy: their lips may be chapped, their skin will become very sensitive and dry, and they could be delirious. However, while these symptoms are easy to recognize, moderate to mild dehydration is more difficult to spot—oftentimes being left untreated among those in the developed world.

Even though moderate to mild dehydration is less dramatic, it’s just as important to prevent. A mildly dehydrated person can develop headaches, have difficulty concentrating, and may find themselves unusually tired, inattentive, or depressed feeling. However, when these symptoms appear, many are diagnosed as depressed or otherwise ill when, really, they just need to re-hydrate.

Drinking water is, of course, the simplest way to combat dehydration and to promote physical and mental wellness. However, there are also more potent and efficient treatments that achieve the same result much faster. IV hydration therapy, which is the fastest and most efficient way to rehydrate the body, resupplies the body with many of the essential vitamins and minerals it may be lacking. Many patients find this an effective way to treat their dehydration—especially dehydration caused by a hangover—while also promoting bodily wellness, and boosting their immune health.

IV vitamin therapy is available at wellness centers like ours across the country. However, an IV drip isn’t the best way to stay hydrated on a daily basis. Fortunately, finding a glass of clean drinking water is among one of the few things we can still all get for free just about anywhere. However, with many people unknowingly replacing water with coffee, tea, and soda, dehydration is all too common. The irony of the prevalence of dehydration (and, thus, depression) among those living in the developed world is certainly not lost on us. However, the next time you find yourself with a headache or feeling under the weather, consider drinking a glass of water or receiving IV vitamin therapy—it may be more effective than reaching for that Tylenol again. Dehydrated or not, your body will appreciate it, and you may even find that it helps alleviate a wider array of symptoms than you could have imagined.


Iconic Infusions offers IV vitamin therapy to those living in or around the Fayetteville, NC area. Scheduling an appointment is easy to do: simply give us a call at 910.987.5300 or request an appointment online.

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