Promoting Mental Health & Wellness Amidst the Coronavirus

By now, everyone is familiar with the current Coronavirus pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China and quickly spread across the globe, infecting millions of people. While we wait for a vaccine to be developed, tested, and released to the public—which we expect to happen in the next 18 months—the best thing that most of us can do is to simply keep our distance from one another. In addition, and if the equipment is available, it’s also advisable to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while in public to prevent this or any other virus from entering or exiting our system through the mouth, eyes, or nose.

Fortunately, protecting our body is the easy part. Protecting our mental health, however, is always a bit trickier. In addition to observing the guidelines provided by our local health care and government officials to preserve your physical wellness, we should also make sure we preserve our mental wellness.

Regardless of your current position—as an employer, an employee, or unemployed—there are a few simple ways we can avoid experiencing extra unnecessary stress:

If you have a team around you, “lean” on each other (without actually physically doing it, of course). Keep the lines of communication open, clear, and honest. Remind yourself and your staff that an unfortunate layoff due to the current business climate may be unavoidable, but with enough preparation (thanks to your communications), you may make it possible for everyone to overcome this temporary, and unfortunate hurdle more easily.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve lost your job or your business… especially if you still have your health. Instead find a way to be thankful! You are certainly not alone right now, and you will have an opportunity to rebuild again…perhaps even better than before.

Find a way to lend a hand to anyone who may need it (making PPE’s, folding proteins on the computer, etc.). Remember: there’s always a future for someone with a useful skill, an eagerness to learn, and a pleasant disposition.

Educate yourself using the current statistics, NOT with emotional testimony. This will help you frame your current situation within the right context and allow you to make more informed and educated decisions for your business and for yourself. For example, instead of: “Next week, the virus is going to be twice as bad and deadly! Lock your doors! Ahhhh!” try this: “The mortality rate of the virus is not suddenly changing, the statistics just predict that the number of infections within our county is likely to double from 2% to 4%, within the next 7 days.”

Hopefully, you see how this shift in perspective makes everything easier to digest, even if you’re not a healthcare professional.

Despite these unusually trying times, the equipment shortages, and even the toilet paper hoarding, there are many of us around the world who are confident that we will make it through this pandemic. Hopefully, by keeping the end in sight, we can all find strength to remain vigilant, responsible, calm, and brave until this crisis is over. In the meantime, for anyone who is struggling with their mental health, please reach out to our clinic by calling 910.987.5300 or emailing to learn how we may be able to help.


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