The 5 Biotypes of Depression: Integrative Depression Treatment Options

According to a recent article, there are five distinct biotypes of depression: undermethylation, high-copper, folate deficiency, toxic metal, and pyrrole. These biotypes offer a biological explanation for the cause of a patient’s depression. For the 300 million currently suffering from this mental health disorder, understanding why they feel the way they feel is of secondary importance behind the potential to treat their symptoms based on biology .

The following list describes the biotypes of depression and their symptoms in greater detail:

Thankfully, depression classified under any of these biotypes means is treatable with a variety of different therapies. Many patients have reported the most success with different combinations of the following:

Regardless of which of these 5 biotypes of depression are prevalent, what remains true for all cases of depression is that a successful treatment requires vigilance and persistence. Unfortunately, no case of depression is quite like any other, so a treatment that may work for some, may not for others. Thankfully, new treatment options have been made available since the original single option 30 years ago. Now, finding an effective treatment to overcome depression—whether it’s for you, or for a loved one—is simply a matter of time.


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