What to Do When Anxiety Manifests in Your Physical Health

What to Do When Anxiety Manifests in Your Physical Health

Did you know that anxiety can harm your physical health? That’s right, anxiety might start in your brain, but it can negatively affect your body in multiple ways. The physical problems that are keeping you uncomfortable and the anxiety that troubles your mind could be deeply connected with each other.

If you’re negatively impacted by anxiety, you should get in touch with Dr. Bryant S. Edwards and his team at Iconic Infusions, PLLC. Dr. Edwards specializes in ketamine infusion therapy, a new approach that shows significant promise as a treatment for anxiety.

Dr. Edwards can help you understand more about your condition, as well as the right treatment plan for you, from his ketamine infusion clinic located in Briarwood Hills, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

How anxiety impacts your physical health

The thoughts or emotions associated with an anxiety disorder originate in your mind, but anxiety has real impacts on your body, as well.

If you have an anxiety disorder, and suffer from frequent or intrusive anxious, shameful, or nervous feelings, you could find yourself coping with physical problems as well as mental health symptoms.

Anxiety can cause you to have panic responses, with increased heart rate and respiration, sweating, sweaty hands, shaking, trembling, and light-headedness.

The tension of regular struggles with anxiety may cause chronic body pain or headaches. Chronic anxiety also often leads to digestive system problems, including constipation, diarrhea, eating disorders, and irritable bowel.

And, many people with anxiety disorders find that they struggle to get enough sleep to stay healthy. Anxiety might keep you up at night, or anxiety dreams could disturb your sleep and prevent you from resting peacefully.

Ketamine infusion therapy for anxiety

Anxiety can be treated in many ways. One emerging treatment for anxiety that has many experts excited is ketamine infusion therapy. Dr. Edwards can help you understand if ketamine infusion therapy could help release you from your anxiety symptoms, improving both your mental and physical health. Here’s what you need to know.

The drug ketamine was once used primarily as an anesthetic during surgical procedures. Today, we’re learning more about the mental health uses of ketamine, including as a treatment for chronic anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and more.

Ketamine infusions deliver a safe, non-addictive, therapeutic dose of ketamine directly to your bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) needle. When you receive an infusion treatment at Iconic Infusions, PLLC, we provide a comfortable, medspa-style environment for your sessions, which typically take an hour or less.

Completing the sequence of your ketamine infusion therapy can transform your brain’s pathways, resolving your anxiety symptoms for the long term. Ketamine treatment may be able to help you recover your life and health from the grip of anxiety.

To learn more about how ketamine infusion therapy under the supervision of Dr. Edwards and the Iconic Infusions, PLLC team could relieve your symptoms of anxiety and improve both your physical and mental health, contact us today. Schedule a consultation by calling now, or book your appointment with our online tool.

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