What Vitamin Therapy Can Do for You

Your body has to handle a lot of strains on a daily basis, from stressful situations at home or at work to late nights out, hot summer temperatures, and even high-intensity physical activities like athletics. Not to mention how hard your body has to work to fight off common illnesses or handle the stresses of a menstrual cycle!

Taking vitamins is a common way to provide your body with extra support. However, did you know that you can also boost your health and wellness with intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy, a quicker and more effective way to get your system the support you need?

At Iconic Infusions, PLLC of Briarwood Hills, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Dr. Bryant S. Edwards and his expert care team offer a variety of vitamin cocktails to target your health and wellness needs. Could IV vitamin therapy be the treatment you need to handle health problems or increase your physical performance?

Here’s what Dr. Edwards wants his new and existing patients to know about the process, and benefits, of IV vitamin treatment.

When your body needs a boost

With IV therapy, you can get needed vitamins and hydration delivered directly to your bloodstream for faster uptake. Oral vitamins have to pass through your digestive system before you can start to benefit from them. Not so with IV infusion treatment, which starts working right away.

We start your IV drip by carefully inserting a thin, medical-grade needle into one of your veins. You can relax in comfort while your IV cocktail infuses your whole body. We monitor you for any adverse reactions during your IV treatment.

Your appointment will typically take less than an hour, with no downtime afterward. You may start to feel better immediately once your IV cocktail is in your system.

Pick your vitamin cocktail

Iconic Infusions doesn’t offer just one vitamin therapy option, but many! Work with our team to select the best IV cocktail option for your unique medical and wellness needs. You can choose from vitamin infusion mixes including:

To learn more about how IV vitamin therapy could provide the support you need, contact Iconic Infusions now. Request your appointment online, or call 910-920-3434 to schedule.

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