You Don’t Have to Live with Chronic Pain

You Don’t Have to Live with Chronic Pain

When you live with chronic pain, it’s just a matter of time until the next flare-up sidelines you from your own life. Your work, family, hobbies, and aspirations can end up taking a back seat to your symptoms of chronic aches, body pain, sleeplessness, and fatigue.

Diagnosing and treating chronic pain can also pose challenges. Chronic pain may be idiopathic, meaning that there’s no clear physical cause for the pain symptoms that nevertheless have a huge and very real impact on your day-to-day experience.

As today’s medicine learns more about the health and wellness benefits of infusion therapies, we’re understanding how to better use new treatment methods to support chronic pain patients. Ketamine infusion treatment shows real promise as an effective treatment for chronic pain.

At Iconic Infusions PLLC of Fayetteville, North Carolina, infusion therapy expert Dr. Bryant S. Edwards and his experienced care team offer infusion therapy services for a range of conditions and wellness needs, including chronic pain. 

Here’s what Dr. Edwards wants his patients from around the Briarwood Hills area to know about treating chronic pain with ketamine infusion therapy.

Treating chronic pain

Chronic pain describes pain that continues for 12 weeks or more. Strategies that relieve everyday aches and pains, like a hot bath, over-the-counter painkillers, or even physical therapy may not be able to sufficiently relieve your chronic pain symptoms.

Many people who live with chronic pain also experience chronic fatigue, a double blow to your sense of wellness. Depression and anxiety can start to further reduce your quality of life after too long struggling with chronic pain.

When you can’t resolve your condition through traditional relief strategies, it’s time to look for other effective treatment methods, like infusion treatment therapy with brain-transforming ketamine.

Infusion therapy for chronic pain

Infusion therapy treatment with IV ketamine offers promise as an effective treatment for chronic pain.

The drug ketamine, delivered in safe doses via infusion therapy, can rewire your brain chemistry, disrupting chronic pain signals before they reach your brain and releasing you from the cycle of chronic pain symptom flare-ups.

IV ketamine infusion treatment is both safe and effective. Your provider at Iconic Infusions PLLC controls your dose, preventing the levels of ketamine in your infusion cocktail from becoming addictive. We monitor you for any adverse reactions throughout your infusion therapy sessions.

To learn more about how ketamine infusion therapy can address your chronic pain symptoms at the level of brain activity, get in touch with Dr. Edwards and the infusion therapy experts at Iconic Infusions PLLC today.

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